What’s the cost of missing critical market opportunity in the transportation technology boom?


The problem: The traditional black car and ground transportation industry suffered from a critical issue:

Uber and Lyft stole market share from licensed transportation drivers by introducing a new, wildly popular technology.

When Bay Area Transportation (San Francisco-based technology company) first came to us, they had a business model that had not fully anticipated the Uber/Lyft revolution.

So we had to quickly re-imagine and re-develop their strategy, brand and business model.

What we did: Market research. New brand name (KARMEGO). New brand strategy. New positioning. New product/platform ideation and strategy. Created a winning go-to-market launch strategy that focused on getting in front of all licensed transportation drivers and transportation company owners. All marketing assets built out and put into action for launch.

The results: Our new business model for KARMEGO empowered private transportation drivers and transportation company owners to be able to compete with our new technology aimed at helping them build a sustainable, competitive business. The new app and web portal became a stunning feather in the cap of an industry sorely lacking advances in technology. At the industry’s largest trade show, we received an avalanche of confirmation that we had the winning idea that moved the industry forward, giving this market segment a competitive advantage against Uber's market penetration.

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