Watch out LinkedIn. We’re coming after you.

The problem: needed a name change. And more.

What was wrong with “Diversity Business?”

The word “diversity” has outlived its time. “Diversity” means seeing and labeling differences.

“Inclusion” is the word, the energy and the meaning the world is increasingly demanding. “Inclusion” in business means an ideal, level playing field where all supplier/vendor firms are seen and hired based on their qualifications, abilities and quality, with no regard to separating issues of ethnicity, gender, etc. “Inclusion” means more choices for buyers. “Inclusion” means more opportunities for sellers.

So we chose to rebrand with a new name.

What we did: is now OMNIKAL.™

The same leadership, the same decades of deep experience in technology and business sectors, with over 2 million members already in our growing database and community.
All wrapped up with a new focus on leading-edge social change and a passionate desire to lift all businesses to their rightful levels of success.

The results: Launching 3rd Quarter 2017, OMNIKAL Member Businesses will be able to access a brand new technology platform that builds targeted B2B connections and networks, business mentoring and training. OMNIKAL Member Businesses will learn how to grow and scale up to become a Premiere-Level Supplier to Fortune 1000 organizations.

OMNIKAL Corporate Members (who are Fortune 1000 companies) get an enormous, ever-growing choice of qualified, varied suppliers and vendors to match their internal or external audience, culture and makeup. These new business relationships will help create critical public enthusiasm for their brand and company culture.

Financial success. Ethical success. Social success. Cultural success. A potential LinkedIn killer?
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