Public health/food problems
For brands and businesses looking to grow their success in 2017 and beyond, here's an idea.

Connect with a public issue that everyone is concerned about – and watch your social, cultural or ethical success explode.

One enormous space you should consider in 2017 is health and food.

We've been watching, studying and thinking about this for years.

Global hunger, rising epidemic obesity from poisonous food additives, GMOs – there's no end to the myriad problems we face as a nation and world.

Education, social movements, political action and more could do so much when combined in an organized, purpose-driven way.

If your brand wants to mean something in the health-conscious market, you might have a directly-relevant product or service with a direct opportunity. Or even indirectly, via your own business or brand values.

Water, crops, distribution, health habits are all critical touch points of significance and potential action as media celebrities, artists, businesses, brands and government entities all have roles to play.

And because these are the very issues of life and survival for hundreds of millions, we want to do our part and use all our resources to make a positive difference. If you want to help, pick up your device now and call us.

A Business and Brand Analysis can show you the most fertile opportunities for financial, ethical, social and cultural success by doing something meaningful in the health/food space.

We can begin the process in any way you like – email, call or better yet- meet us at the farmer’s market or the gym.
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